All of our biminis are bespoke designs to suit the boat and meet the customer’s needs. They can have fixed or tilting frames and can also include zipped/removable sides, solid or mesh side panels, boom light or mainsail trim windows. Mesh sides offer an easy to use shade extension to your bimini, whilst solid sides create another room altogether! Take a look at our enclosure page for more information on bimini enclosures.

Standard Bimini

Bimini With Mesh Sides

Bimini With Solid Sides, Including Windows

Optional Extras

  • Upgrade to O’sea Laminated window material for perfect clarity
  • Roof windows
  • Additional side windows
  • Frame socks
  • Split frames for ease of stowing
  • Storage Bag to go over the enclosure roof /bars when the frames are laid back against each other when not in use
  • Fixed or removable frame support struts for steading or when stowed and not in use
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