Sail Design & Build

For enhanced shape holding, weight saving and speed, a tri-radial construction utilising the warp orientated laminated fabrics is employed.

Greater performance will be achieved with a Pentex laminate whilst Spectra/Dyneema will produce the ultimate in shape holding capability.

All sails are finished to a high standard, using a wealth of experience, to ensure long lasting, durable sails.

Sails designed, cut and built in house.

Sail Lines

  • performance cruising sails
  • mainsails including fully battened, in mast etc.
  • roller genoa and reefing packages
  • covers / dodgers / awning / sprayhoods
  • collection / delivery throughout the UK
  • repairs and washing
  • free winter storage
  • detailed personalised quotation

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  • Long lasting…
  • Easy to handle…
  • Good shape holding…

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For details of cruising mainsails and genoas go to sail specifications.

At Dolphin our philosophy is to apply the same attention to detail no matter how large or small the boat, whether racing or cruising.

Where possible we will measure the boat’s rig, set-up characteristics, and discuss with you any personal preferences. Our experience with building racing sails enables us to bring a wide based knowledge to the design and construction of your cruising sails. This experience is invaluable for the production of sails with excellent shape holding, that help you to get to your destination as quickly as possible. Boat speed is important. How often do we hear “I’m not worried about boat speed”, but when we actually get out there we tweak and trim to try to get past the boat in front? We can’t help ourselves!

Of equal importance of course is the ease of handling and use of a sail. Dolphin take care to ensure both the sail handling and sail handling systems make your cruising as pleasurable an experience as possible.

A wide range of fabrics are available from the highly durable Dacron, through single sided laminates to sandwich laminates.

Dacron fabrics are generally used in a cross-cut construction giving good shape holding and great longevity.

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