Sail & Cover Care

 Cruising or racing you need to look after your sails and covers if you want them to last and perform well. Dolphin offer an all year round comprehensive washing and overhaul service.

Looking after your sails start from the day you take delivery. Making sure that they are set correctly and properly trimmed will help extend their life. Any Dolphin representative will be very happy to discuss any questions you have about settings and trim.

It is a proven fact that having your sails and covers professionally serviced each year will ensure you get greater longevity and will give you the confidence that you are less likely to have any mid season issues. 

Washing will remove harmful salt crystals and other pollutants, this will prolong their life and give them a fresher look. There is no known process in the world that will completely remove all stains and mildew without damaging the fabric.

Dolphin are one of the very few sailmakers in the UK who do their own washing and the only one in East Anglia who does. We recognise that all materials need to be handled carefully, so our washing process does not involve using a large washing machine that could knock the stuffing out of the fabric. 

Once each item is carefully dried it is brought in to the Loft to be fully inspected.

Highly experienced craftsmen and women will inspect each sail and cover – checking for loose or broken stitching, webbings, UV’s, batten pockets and hardware to ensure nothing is missed. 

Work can be carried out immediately or if its looking like a big job we will stop and consult with the owner.

We are happy to undertake any sail survey work and provide a report – ideal if you are in the process of buying a boat or if you need a report for insurance purposes.

Once all the work has been completed we can store everything in our dry and warm facility.

We are pleased to offer free* storage for any sail or cover that has been washed and overhauled. 

Dolphin offer a collection and drop off service to many of the local marinas, boatyards and Clubs. If you are a bit further a field we can arrange a carrier. 



*Maximum 9 months from date of invoice, provided invoice is paid within 30 days of invoice date.