Cockpit enclosures are a great way to add additional covered space to your boat. They could be thought of as adding an extra room. After listening to your requirements we will design the Dolphin Enclosure to best suit your needs. We offer two styles, the first having fixed sides with windows and zip up door panels. The second has separate removable sides, which doubles up as a bimini when all the sides are removed. With the UK weather being so unpredictable the enclosure with the removable sides is the most popular choice with our customers.

We can design a new enclosure to suit around the boats existing frames or if there are no frames fitted we can design and supply new ones to suit.

During the consultation process we help build into the design your requirements on how you wish to use the enclosure, consider the actual heights of our customers, look at the visibility and window positions required to ensure that every different customer gets exactly what they require.

Optional extras for our enclosures are listed below

  • Upgrade to O’sea Laminated window material for perfect clarity
  • Roof windows
  • Additional side windows
  • Frame socks
  • Split frames for ease of stowing
  • Storage Bag to go over the enclosure roof /bars when the frames are laid back against each other when not in use.
  • Fixed or removable frame support struts for steading or when stowed and not in use.

Below is shown a selection of photos of enclosure’s with the sides down and then removed to act as a bimini, also of the more basic fixed and roll up sided versions.