Our sprayhoods are well known for having excellent fit, rigidity and style. By manipulating the shape of the cover panels during manufacture, we create tension to ensure the hood is a whole rigid structure. Additional reinforcement where needed, expert patterning, the latest CAD technology and high quality manufacturing standards all combine to produce the best fitting product on the market.

Upgrades and Additional Options

Osea Window Upgrade

This laminated window material offers exceptional clarity and gives clear vision throughout. For those who always leave their sprayhood up and in place, it offers the same great protection of the elements as our standard window material, but with greater clarity.

NB. It is not suitable for those who wish to sail with the hood collapsed, as it should be handled with extreme care.

Mesh Side Pockets

These are perfect for stowing small items such as phones, tablets, sunglasses and cameras.

Fixed or Folding Hand Rails

For additional safety while at sea, we can supply either fixed or folding side hand rails that pass through the sprayhood and clamp onto the fore and aft frames. These give you additional support and something to ‘grab’ onto when having to leave the cockpit.

The folding option is best suited to sprayhoods that are often folded down, whilst the fixed option is best for sprayhoods that usually remain in place.

Back Drops

To create additional protection in the companionway we can add zipped/removable ‘back drops’. These backdrops can include windows and/or doors and create a small enclosed area to either sit behind or use for storage.

Drop Top Sprayhood

Some customers still want protection from the spray whilst sailing but don’t like to sail with the entire sprayhood up and in place. We have created this ‘drop top’ option, where the aft bar and canvas can fall forward and rest on the forward bar to create, what is in theory, a windscreen that will protect you from spray without having to have the entire sprayhood up.

Sliding Hatch Kit

A sliding hatch bridging bar kit is needed if a ‘garage’ for the hatch is not present.


We can add grabrails to the rear of most sprayhood frames, or customise any new frames to have this included.


Putting leather patches on the edges of your sprayhood will prevent wear on the fabric at places you are most likely to grab onto. aWe can also leather grab bars and rails which will aid grip.

Tenara Thread

  • UV and weather-resistant
  • Unaffected by sunlight UV(ultraviolet) radiation
  • Unaffected by weather including water or saltwater
  • Will not rot or decay
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