Dolphin Sails can offer the complete Karver furling package to accompany your new or existing Cruise chute /Asymmetric.

The Karver Top down furler works by building up torque (twists) in the torsional cable that connects both parts of the furler. The head of the sail is attached to the independent swivel with the tack of the sail attached on a short strop to the furler base.

Dolphin recommend that a small fixed or retractable pole (bowsprit) is fitted to create some separation from the bow and forestay. This helps with sail setting and gybing. Dolphin can supply a range of poles to fit.

The photos on the left show how the head and tack are attached to the sail.

To furl the sail you simply pull on the continuous furling line to build up the twists in the torsion stay, when there is enough torque in the torsion stay it starts to automatically furl the sail away from the head down.

To deeply the sail you simply release the break on the furler and pull on the sheet to unfurl the sail.

We can also supply a custom round sail bag with zip top to store the sail when furled away. The sail is easy to store in the bag as it just coils up ready for the halyard to attach to and in turn be hoisted directly from the bag.

For more information on the correct Karver package to suit your sail please contact our sales team.

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