One less job for the winter…. let Dolphin wash and service your existing sails and covers.

Its nearly the end of 2018 and with this brings a close to the sailing season for many customers. To help with the longevity of your sails and covers it is best to remove them from the boat during this coming period. Sails and covers that are left on during this cold, wet and damp period are more prone to dirt and may even start to suffer from mould and mildew, inturn leaving unsightly marks which are hard to remove. Did you also know that some insurance policy’s insist that all sails are removed from the rig whilst the boat is laid up ashore.


  • Full inspection and overhaul service carried out by our experienced team of sail and cover makers
  • Condition reports and advice
  • In house washing facility
  • Your sails and covers will be thoroughly flushed and de-salted and then stored in our ‘sail-friendly’ environment
  •  Restitch and repair
  • New UV sunstrips fitted
  • Free storage until the start of the season

All of our repair work is carried out to the highest standards by our team of dedicated sailmakers who always endeavour to repair the area as best they can. However with some types  of repair we cannot always guarantee the final set of the sail,as the repair process may have effected the original design of the sail or cover shape. This is mainly due to the different stretching characteristics between new and old fabric.

For valeting we always endeavour to do our best at cleaning and removing dirt and stains from the sails and covers.

However it is not always possible to remove some grease marks and stains; especially if they have been present for a long period of time. We endeavour to completely remove all marks but it is sometimes not possible without causing damage to the sail or cover material. These deep ingrained stains will unfortunately remain visible in the sail or cover material.

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