Oyster 2023 Autumn Regatta

The Oyster Autumn regatta of 2023 was recently held at Mallorca’s superyacht harbour- Port Adriano.

Sponsoring their 45th Oyster regatta Dolphin sails were delighted to see some excellent results with our sails including an overall class 2 win for the very well sailed 655 ‘Blow’, with a clean sweep using 5-year-old Dolphin sails!
At the prize-winning dinner, Class 3 winners 565 ‘Rock Lobster’ enjoyed an arm-wrestling contest with the Danish team on ‘Blow’, with the ‘Vikings’ earning the bragging rights.
First amongst the 495’s was Eddie Jordans ‘Tuga’, with Dolphin membrane sails beating the Oyster regatta debutants on ‘Mayfly’,
also, with Dolphin sails.
Congratulations to all prize winners.