We can offer single or two part stackpacks depending on your requirements and the stackheight of your boat.

Our Stack Pack design is a single section product, which starts behind the mast, and has a gusset sewn in at the front to protect the Mainsail from the elements.

We have used this design for around 15years now, with great customer feedback to the styling and ease of use compared to the two-piece version.

We would recommend using WeatherMax 80 for all over our Canvas work, but especially for covers that are encasing wet sails as it is a breathable material

There are 2 versions of our Stackpacks either the ‘Coastal’ or ‘Offshore’ models as described below

These features are standard with our stackpacks:

  • The Main central zip is covered with a binding on each side to protect the zip from UV degradation as well as helping to prevent water ingress
  • Reef zips instead of slots cut into the stack pack
  • Roll up clips for club racing or extended cruising to reduce chafe on Lazy Jacks (OFFSHORE MODEL ONLY)
  • Extra stiff ocean racer batten (OFF SHORE MODEL)
  • Integral Batten pockets
  • Re-enforced lazyjack take off points (OFF SHORE MODEL)
  • The only company currently designing our covers with the ability of adding integral awnings to them
  • Zip on awnings also available

Please see the photos below.

Stackpacks With Side Awnings

To help with sun and rain protection in the cockpit we can include either Removable or Integral side awnings as shown.


For those customers who do not require a stackapck we can produce a sail cover to suit as per the photos below. These covers include a Mast collar, Vertical Zip down the front of the mast and webbing/clips to seal the cover under the boom.

Tenara Thread

  • UV and weather-resistant
  • Unaffected by sunlight UV(ultraviolet) radiation
  • Unaffected by weather including water or saltwater
  • Will not rot or decay