Sail Design & Construction

Cross cut

Tri radial


A wide range of fabrics are available from the highly durable woven polyester (dacron), through to single and double taffeta laminates. Dacron fabrics are generally used in a cross-cut construction giving good shape holding and great longevity.

For enhanced shape holding, weight saving and speed, a tri-radial construction utilising the warp orientated laminated fabrics is employed. Greater performance will be achieved with a Pentex laminate whilst Vectran/Dyneema will produce the best shape holding capability in panelled sails.

Membrane sails produce the ultimate in performance and shape holding capability. Each Membrane is designed bespoke to the yacht and customer needs. There are various yarn options that we use to create the sails using Kevlar, Carbon, Dyneema or Vectran to get the best longevity and durability.

Cloth Selection

Our cloth is chosen from the world’s leading sail cloth manufacturers. Whilst we can supply all fabrics, below is a guide to our recommended cloth options from the Contender and Dimension Polyant.

See our downloadable fabric spec sheets for more information.

Woven Polyester (Dacron) for cross cut sail options

  • Fibercon AP
  • Fibercon Pro
  • Fibercon Pro Vectran

Woven Polyester/Dyneema for tri radial sail options

  • Hydranet Radial
  • Pro Radial (polyester)

Cruise Laminate for tri radial sail options

  • Polyester (mylar) Cruise laminate – DCX
  • Pentex Cruise laminate – DCP
  • Dyneema Cruise laminate – DYS available in white & grey
  • Carbon/Dyneema Cruise laminate – GLXD

Membrane options

  • Twaron yarn
  • Carbon yarn
  • Dyneema yarn

Available in a mixture of yarns along with single or double taffetas.

Sail Specification

Tri Radial

Dolphin tri-radial furling genoas offer the lowest stretch and ultimate shape holding capability for the cruising sailor seeking the highest performance. The complex panel construction is finely tuned to match the catinery load paths in the sail. A range of fabrics are available from woven polyesters to taffeta laminates in polyester or Pentex through to Carbon and Dyneema.

Cross Cut

Dolphin cross cut furling genoas utilise the highest specification dacron fabric. This provides high strength, low stretch, durability and longevity, the prerequisites for any cruising sail. Whilst cross cut, the panels are orientated in a ‘rocked’ arrangement that aligns the stronger fill orientated fibres carefully with the catinery loads in the sail.

Standard Specification

  • High quality woven polyester or cruise laminate fabric
  • Highly refined designs utilising the latest SMAR Azure sail design technology
  • Full radial patching to reduce creasing for reinforced areas and to absorb loadings
  • Two and three step stitching using Hemingway and Bartlett thread
  • Low stretch leech and foot lines using either aluminium or plastic cleats depending on sail size
  • Leathered webbing attachment at head and tack
  • Stainless steel or soft webbed ring for clew attachment
  • UV sun guard on leech and foot
  • Multiple tell-tales allowing viewing when reefed
  • Foot markers for reefing guidance
  • Drawstring sail bag
  • Sail ties

Extra Features/Upgrades

  • Flow Stripes
  • Glo flow stripes
  • Sail numbers
  • Vertical battens for non-overlapping jibs


Our proven ‘Atlantic’ finishing upgrade is a must for all sailors who are planning on blue water cruising, more than 50% of our customers select this upgrade for their new sails.

  • Extra reinforcing on all areas of the sail that are under stress and load
  • Covered webbing for UV protection
  • Additional patches are added where needed using leather or heavy duty webbing to reduce chafing
  • UV sun guard on leech and foot in WeatherMax 80 fabric
  • Foam luff for retention of shape when partially furled
  • Double taped leech/foot
  • Purchased leech line tensioning system in cloth pockets
  • Additional webbing strainers from rings and headboard
  • Additional corner patching
  • Flow stripes
  • Sail numbers and Insignia
  • Drawstring sail bag

Extra Features/Upgrades

  • Tenara Thread
  • Glo flow stripes

UV Sun Guard

Our UV sun guards are fitted in Odyssey as standard with the option of a WeatherMax 80 fabric upgrade. This depends on your application and also whether the UV guard needs to match the cover colour scheme on your boat. If you are planning on sailing abroad in high UV areas then the WeatherMax fabric is a must.

The UV sun guard is stitched to the leech and foot of the headsail. The side that the UV is fitted depends on which way your furling gear turns when being furled away. We recommend that if you are not wanting to fit a UV guard then you either purchase a Genoa Sock cover or take your headsail down when leaving the boat for long periods of time.

Please click here for our WeatherMax colour chart.

Oyster 56 Sails and Covers

Foam Luff

A foam luff helps with the retention of shape when partially furled by helping to suck out the unwanted sail shape when sailing with the sail partially furled. It reduces the unsightly creases that form from the head and tack of the headsail and create a smoother entry, in turn enhancing the sail shape and performance whilst sailing with the genoa partly furled away.

Tenara Thread

  • UV and weather-resistant
  • Unaffected by sunlight UV(ultraviolet) radiation
  • Unaffected by weather including water or saltwater
  • Will not rot or decay

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