Oyster 56 Tensile Awning

July 6, 2015

Shade your world!!


The Oyster 56 is latest addition to our extensive list of tensile awning designs. From this we can now supply a perfectly tailored Tensile Awning to suit your 56 wherever she may be kept around the world.

This new design joins a long list of the others that we now have on file to suit the following boats 53, 54, 545, 56, 575, 62, 625, 655, 72 (smart boom), 825, 885 (V Boom). If your boat type is not listed we can always arrange a trip to measure up, depending on the accessibility.

The concept of the over boom tensile awning is to provide weather protection, primarily from sun, for the guests, crew and the boat. Whilst the bimini provides some protection, for most boats the over boom tensile awning offers around 2 ½ times the coverage. The benefits are sun protection for the crew and large portions of the deck whilst providing a noticeable reduction in overall boat temperature. After a short while with the awning in place the air conditioning usually turns itself off. This of course provides a further benefit of reducing generator hours, noise and diesel consumption.

A further advantage of course is protection from rain in less than clement weather, indeed the extra covered space almost acts as a further large social area.

Check out more examples:  https://www.dolphinsails.com/WP/covers/yacht-tensile-awnings/

To find out more or to request a specification sheet please contact the Dolphin team on:

Jon Sturmer –   01206 384412 – jon@dolphin-sails.com

Paul Austin (South) – 02381 980090 (South) – paul.austin@dolphin-sails.com