Tensile Awning

June 28, 2013

If you have ever been on board a boat in a hot climate you will know how uncomfortable the burning sun or high temperatures can be – even if you are lucky enough to run the air conditioning it can be quite unpleasant. This Tensile Awning has been fitted to an Oyster 54 in the beautiful setting of Palma Marina. Within minutes of the Tensile Awning going up the skipper noticed a big drop in on deck and below deck temperatures – so much so that the air conditioning was switched off! Designed using specialist form finding software we were able to maximise the protection it gives the boat but minimise the time and effort required to fit it. A key feature is that it does not require any battens! The main section is made using WeatherMax80, a fabric that is half the weight, twice as strong and more stable than traditional acrylic. We would expect this awning to offer great protection even in a Force 7. The mesh side panels offer two benefits. Firstly when the sun is low in the sky they protect anyone sitting in the cockpit from burning. Secondly, they can help keep out the inclement weather. The mesh only allows a gentle breeze though rather than a gale and in the event of rain it will also offer protection An added bonus to the mesh panels is that they do offer greater privacy. Without blocking the view from the boat it prevents on lookers from staring in. Each awning is designed uniquely for each boat.