Dolphin Covers Palma

Marine covers and awning company establishes full-time operations in Palma

Dolphin Covers and Dolphin Tensile Awnings are excited to announce further growth and expansion with a new permanent operation here in Palma.

Dolphin have chosen to appoint Angus Roberts as the manager for this new venture. Having spent the last 2 years as Production Manager and designer at the Harwich covers loft and with a wealth of superyacht and race yacht experience Angus is ideally positioned to lead the Palma expansion. He comments,

“We’ve been steadily increasing our large yacht clientele over the past few years. We have a huge amount of experience and expertise developed over our 20-year history of making covers and we’re pushing to remain at the forefront of the industry, particularly with our computer modelled tensile awnings which are a unique product in the marine sector. We felt it was perfect timing to expand and create a permanent operation in Palma.”

In the past 18 months Dolphin provided covers to numerous Palma based yachts including 2 J class, a range of covers for bespoke superyacht tenders and full set of tensile awnings to an award winning 50m ketch.

At Dolphin we are constantly working to improve upon every design in our range; adding flexible impact protection to our crew covers, working to incorporate solar panels and bonded solar films to our fabrics and using computer modelling to create covers direct from the designer’s drawings.

We are confident we can find a solution for every cover requirement. With a combination of traditional design and templating through to digital measuring and laser imaging processed on CAD software we have the expertise to create the finest marine covers available.

CAD is an ever expanding area for both large and small covers as Angus explains, “We recently got a little carried away and used the same software responsible for the Millennium Dome to design a tailored binnacle cover on a J class.”.

Although focusing on marine covers and awnings, Angus is also available to consult on behalf of the UK based Dolphin Sails loft who continue to supply high quality blue water cruising sails.

Dolphin Covers Palma are based within easy reach of all the Palma marinas and shipyards offering reliable and efficient service for luxury, performance and leisure vessels across the island.

For more information, please contact;

+34 653 225984

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