Sail Shades

Sail shades are an excellent way to add that extra dimension to a garden, roof terrace or building. 

Designs can permanently installed or designed to be set on rollers.

Whether you just enjoy sitting outside in your garden and want some protection from the elements or if you need to guarantee that a space which is regulary used for entertaining is always available, a ‘sail on land’ is an attractive and cost effective way to achieve this.

A prime example could be a wedding venue that has a terrace or coutyard. Not every venue has the luxury of having a room or space for all eventualities, most places need to multi task. The terrace might be needed to be used for photos, drinks or as the smoking area. The great British weather can be unpredictable and so to be able to quickly unfurl a sail shade can ensure a more confident programme for the day.

Schools often have limited playground / play areas, we all think that it is for children to play outdoors during break times but imagine how frustrating it is for them and their teachers if the rain or burning sun means that they end up being tucked up in a classroom. A well designed sail shade will increase the opportunities to ensure children can play outdoors and even have lessons in the playground.

With advanced ‘Form Finding’ design software we are confident we can provide a solution to your problem. Shades are available in a selection of fabrics and a wide range of colours.


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